Prevention, Retention & Contingency (PRC)

Prevention, Retention & Contingency (PRC)

The Prevention, Retention, and Contingency (PRC) program was established in Ohio to help families overcome immediate barriers to achieving or maintaining self-sufficiency. The program was designed to provide benefits and services to needy families who are in need of help with essential support to move out of poverty and become self-sufficient. The PRC program provides new opportunities to develop and implement creative and innovative strategies and approaches to remove families from a cycle of dependency on public assistance and into work.


COVID-19 Response or Pandemic PRC Fulton County Job and Family Services

Effective March 2020

03800 Application - COVID 19

How to apply:

Please complete the application in the link above. 

  • Applications can be submitted via email to
  • Applications can also be completed by phone
  • Identifying information will be requested
  • A verbal signature will be required
  • Picture of the completed application can be emailed to 
  • Faxed to 419-337-0061
  • Paper applications are in a file drawer at the north entrance of the Fulton County Job & Family Services building and can be completed then placed in the drop box labeled Human Services.


  • Housing/Shelter expenses, childcare, utilities, repairs for homeowner necessities such as: furnace repair, water heater, this list is not all inclusive.
  • Payment up to $2500 paid directly to the vendors (W-9)


  • Must have minor children in the home
  • Non-custodial parent-responsible for a minor child (child support, shared parenting)
  • Income must be under the 200% standard
  • Must have been affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Citizenship
  • Identity
  • Income
  • Fulton County Resident

The Fulton County JFS will assist in obtaining all required verifications to adhere to the Ohio Department of Health Order and limit customer contact as much as possible.  If verifications that are unable to be obtained/verified; self- attestation may be accepted.



PRC, by design, has been developed to provide benefits and services that are not considered “assistance”. When a benefit or service falls within the definition of “assistance”, there is a set of consequences for the family, including time limits, child support assignment, and data reporting requirements.

The PRC program provides non-recurrent, short-term benefits that are:

  • Designed to deal with a specific crisis situation or episode of need;
  • Not intended to meet recurrent or ongoing needs; and
  • Will not extend beyond four months

Required Verifications include for all household members:

  • Photo ID
  • Social Security numbers
  • All gross income received in the household during 30 days prior to application.

Eligibility factors must be met in order to receive PRC assistance. These factors include: 

  • Residency in Fulton County
  • Household must have one (1) minor child or pregnant individual in 3rd trimester
  • Non-custodial parent
  • Total gross income of ALL household members is <200% or 250% FPL, depending on service.
  • Must work 20 hours per week or equal to the minimum wage at 20 hours per week.

How can I apply?

Applications are available at:

Fulton County Job & Family Services

604 S. Shoop Avenue, Suite 200
Wauseon, OH 43567

  1. Complete, sign, and date the application.
  2. Attach copies of your verifications and return it to our agency.
  3. We will notify you via phone or mail if any further verification is needed.

Services Available:

  • Vehicle Repair
  • Gas Cards (2-$100 gas cards per year)
  • Rental & Utility Assistance
  • Job related services: uniform, work boots, safety glasses, etc.
  • Job retention services: job coaching, vocational assessment
  • Lice Eradication
  • Pack to School
  • Parenting Classes

Federal Poverty Guidelines

PRC Program Brochure (PDF)