1. The Antique Quilt display is located in the Museum of Fulton County and will be available until Sept

    Antique Quilt Exhibit

    Check out the video showing the beautiful work that went into the Antique Quilt Show! Read on...
  2. Entertainment every weekend at favorite venues throughout Fulton County!
  3. Earn a &#34I Blazed the Trails&#34 T-Shirt with just 20 stamps!

    On the Trails Passport

    Get on the "trails" in Fulton County! Read on...
  4. On the Trails in Fulton County, There is much to discover.  Click for more info!

    On the Trails in Fulton County

    There is tons to do in Fulton County. Check out our website and brochure! Read on...

Upcoming Events

  1. Old Fashion 4th of July at Sauder Village this weekend!